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Five Reasons Lawyers Are More Likely to be Audited

The word ‘audit’ makes every entrepreneur cringe. According to tax lawyer Robert Wood, solo practice and small firm lawyers are prime targets for auditors. The IRS has long found lawyers to be a fruitful source…

Billing Best Practices for Legal Mediators

Simplified Legal Accounting in 3 Steps

Want to simplify your legal accounting? Follow these three steps from Mickey Deming of Kahuna Accounting.

Eight Hacks for a Seamless Tax Season

To make your life easier we have gathered some tax season hacks to make filing your return as seamless as possible and help you get the largest return possible.

8 Ways Lawyers can get Paid on Time

Clients who don't pay on time can lead to law firm cash flow issues and debt. Here's how you can get paid on time.

Preparing for Tax Season with Financial Success

Should Lawyers Take Credit Cards?

Do lawyers take credit cards? Increasingly, the answer is yes, but you'll need to make sure your firm is compliant with trust accounting rules.

Five Ways To Improve Law Firm Billing

Beyond the Checkbook: Better Billing for Lawyers