Solo and Small Firm Virtual Summit

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The Efficient Law Firm Summit

Learn how solo and small firms can earn more profits with limited resources

No question about it, running a solo or small firm can be challenging. You have to juggle legal and administrative work, stand out from the competition, and keep clients happy–without burning out.

So that’s why we hosted 1,500 legal professionals for a first-of-its-kind virtual gathering that included 5 sessions packed with actionable insights on how you can gain more time and revenue with less effort.

“The event was flawless, it was both informative and fun.” See for yourself why attendees loved the summit with these replays.

Key Insights from The Legal Trends Report for Solo Firms

This session officially launched our latest Legal Trends Report, featuring newly published insights relevant to solo and small firms. Watch the session to learn more about how lawyers are adapting to the spread of remote work, how the way legal professionals work is fundamentally changing, and what this means for your own well-being.

Headshots Joshua Lenon

Joshua Lenon

Lawyer in Residence, Clio

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How to Make Your Firm 2x More Efficient—without Burning Out

The time and effort required to take a matter from intake to paid invoice is ballooning. For some, it may be due to lack of automation and tools, for others, due to inefficient collaboration. Watch this session replay to learn how to uncover and remove bottlenecks in your processes with the help of better workflows and technology.

Mechelle Woznicki Headshot

Mechelle Woznicki

Attorney, Woznicki Law PLC

Headshots Amy Grubb

Amy Grubb

Business Coach at Lawyerist

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Legal Document Templates 101: Building a Solid Foundation in MS Word

Drafting routine documents shouldn’t take up so much of your time. Watch this video to learn how to use MS Word’s legal document templates to build no-code, automated legal documents that are accurate and up-to-date.

Headshots Joe Kaczrowski

Joe Kaczrowski

Legal CONTENT Manager, Lawyaw

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Marketing Your Law Firm on Any Budget

Scaling your law firm revenue depends on far more than high hopes and a good idea. It requires an effective marketing strategy that helps you attract new clients—and retain existing ones. Check out the session recording to learn how to build a successful marketing plan on any budget.

Headshots Conrad Saam

Conrad Saam

Founder, Mockingbird

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How to Set and Honor Boundaries

Listen to this session recording for tips on boundary-setting, so you act more intentionally and feel more in control of your life. Learn skills that’ll help you to be more present and improve your relationships with yourself, your colleagues and your clients.

Headshots Olivia Vizachero

Olivia Vizachero

Founder, The Less Stressed Lawyer

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Are the summit replays free to access?

Yes, the recordings are free to watch!

Are sessions CLE eligible?

Unfortunately the replays are not eligible for CLE credit. You can view upcoming CLE-eligible webinars here.

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