How to Build a Modern Law Firm

Whether you’re starting a law firm or working to improve your existing firm, you need to know these law firm fundamentals.

Law firms that start with the right foundation are set to succeed—make sure you know what to do

Running (or starting) a law firm has never been simple—but today, firms face an especially unique set of challenges. Clients have higher standards for new tech-enabled communications, and many firms have shifted to distributed business operations and service models.

Whether you’re starting your own law firm or you’re already practicing at an established firm, being aware of these modern demands—and how to meet them—is essential.

Join this free 1-hour session to learn what your law firm needs to not only survive—but thrive—this year and beyond.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Key business planning, registration, and budgeting essentials for modern law firms
  • Strategies for building and marketing your unique firm brand
  • Tips to implement a specialized intake experience that converts more clients
  • Recommendations on how to leverage technology to support law firm growth

Duration: 60 minutes

Hosted by: Emma Raimi-Zlatic

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Amy Grubb

Lawyer & Legal Consultant

Grubb Legal Consulting

Amy Grubb practiced in Big Law for nearly a decade before going solo. Amy now helps other lawyers launch and build their practices, through 1:1 coaching and consulting. She is a Clio Certified Consultant and helps lawyers choose the appropriate software to build efficient practices, hire help, create a customized business development strategy and use LinkedIn to its full advantage. Her goal is to help lawyers build a profitable and enjoyable practice. She can be reached at [email protected].