An Innovate Legal Online Virtual Meetup

Tips for Optimizing Your Firm’s Billing and Collections

Learn how to improve your billing process and get paid faster in this Innovate Legal Online meetup

Make it easy and convenient for your clients to pay—so you can get paid faster

No matter what growth stage your practice is at, it’s never too late to streamline your billings and collections process to help your firm collect more payments with less effort. This session covers how your firm can bill your clients in a way that’s easy for them—and effective for you.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Foundational ways to get paid faster—such as improving your invoicing process and automating collections 
  • Essential factors to consider when designing the billing process at your firm
  • Basics of offering flexible payment plans and online payment options at your firm

Meetup Overview:

  • This session is part of a seriesBuilding a Successful Law Firmintended for legal professionals looking to start or grow their practice 
  • Hosted by Rio Peterson, Senior Affinity Partnerships Manager at Clio, featuring Angie Calliou, Owner of Advantage Virtual Service, and Beau Atkins and Bryan Atkins, Founders of Evolve Family Law
  • Duration: 60 minutes (40 minutes of panel discussion + 20 minutes of Q&A)

P.S. This is the fourth session in the series Building a Successful Law Firm, you can catch up on previous installments here.

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Angie Calliou

Owner & Operator

Advantage Virtual Service

With 25 years of experience working both in law firms and remotely as a Virtual Legal Assistant, Angie understands law firms and how practice management programs can assist firms in increasing their efficiency and maximizing their workflows. Angie has been a Certified Consultant with Clio since 2019 and can assist with:
– setting up your free trial of Clio
– assisting with migration of your legacy data from various programs
– customizing your Clio Manage and Clio Grow accounts to your firm’s specific needs
– providing training to staff
– preparing document templates and workflows
– maximizing your Clio integrations

Beau Atkins

Founder and CEO

Evolve Family Law

Beau Atkins is a Lawyer, Founder and CEO of Evolve Family Law. In 2015 with only 2 years at the bar, and already frustrated with traditional practice, he recognized a need for change for him to find fulfillment within the legal profession. Simplification was crucial and with the help of a lawyer with a bit more seniority, he established one of the first family law exclusive law firms in the city of Saskatoon.

In 2020, to vastly improve processes and systems Beau turned his focus to standardization and started Evolve Family Law. He enlisted non-legal subject matter experts to reduce the burden on a lawyer and increase productivity, through task management and automation. This inspiration helped him pursue unbundled and flat-rate services, both customary at the firm, and provided his team the ability to deliver a consistent experience for clients while advocating “no client will receive an unexpected bill or charge”.

Bryan Atkins

Executive and Co-Founder

Evolve Family Law

Bryan is a multi-disciplinary business professional, having served roles in Finance, HR, Tech, Marketing, Administration and IT. He is a Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) and has his MBA.
Bryan’s interest in building and reshaping organizations has led him through a range of successful early stage and restructuring businesses. Most recently, in 2020, he joined Evolve Family Law as an Executive to lead the firm through standardization and scaling, focusing on process improvement, product development, calculated implementations and the introduction of creative strategies.


Rio Peterson

Senior Affinity Partnerships Manager


Rio Peterson is the Affinity Programs Coordinator at Clio. She initially joined Clio in 2017 as a member of Clio’s award-winning Customer Support team and gained an in-depth knowledge of Clio’s products and customers. Now, Rio works to build flourishing relationships with legal associations across the United States and Canada, and she works passionately to educate lawyers on the importance of using data to build better practices and drive the legal industry forward.