An Innovate Legal Online Virtual Meetup

Introducing the Client-Centered Law Firm (Replay + Live Q&A)

Learn the benefits and advantages of client-centered lawyering in this free virtual event

Learn how and why your firm should take a client-centered approach.

If you missed our Course in Client-Centered Lawyering, but would like to learn what it means to be a client-centered firm, attend this special replay and live Q&A session on April 6.

This session covers the five key values your firm must prioritize to adopt a client-centric system—and why this is beneficial. It also explains what a client-centered mindset looks like—and strategies to achieve effective and meaningful two-way communication.

Meetup Overview:
  • This is a replay of the first session in our Course in Client-Centered Lawyering, followed by a live Q&A. Watch the other sessions on-demand here
  • Hosted by Sam Rosenthal, Content Strategist at Clio, the replay features Rio Peterson, Affinity Programs Manager at Clio, Joshua Lenon, Clio’s Lawyer in Residence, and Diana Stepleton, VP, Legal Affairs at Ruby
  • Attendees will have a chance to win a Clio swag bag, including a Clio Cloud Conference pass 
  • Duration: 60 Minutes (including a 15 minute live Q&A)
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Rio Peterson

Affinity Partnerships Manager


Rio Peterson is the Affinity Partnerships Manager at Clio. She initially joined Clio in 2017 as a member of Clio’s award-winning Customer Support team and gained an in-depth knowledge of Clio’s products and customers. Now, Rio works to build flourishing relationships with legal associations across the United States and Canada, and she works passionately to educate lawyers on the importance of using data to build better practices and drive the legal industry forward.

photo of Joshua
Joshua Lenon

Lawyer in Residence


Joshua Lenon is the Lawyer in Residence at Clio. An attorney admitted to the New York Bar, Joshua brings legal scholarship to the conversations happening both within Clio and with its customers. Joshua has worked extensively to educate lawyers on technology’s capability to enhance their practice, while also teaching tech companies about the unique needs of the legal system.

Diana Stepleton

VP Legal Affairs


Diana has worn many hats at Ruby since 2009, and currently manages our legal affairs, supporting multiple departments throughout the company. Diana has an MBA and expertise in both the telecom industry and owning a small business, which helps me marry the ins and outs of Ruby’s service with the unique needs of our customer base. Prior to Ruby, Diana spent nine years on the equipment side of AT&T/Lucent, and owned a successful market research company which earned a spot on the Inc. 500 for three consecutive years.


photo of Sam
Sam Rosenthal

Content Strategist


Sam Rosenthal is an experienced writer, creative strategist, and multimedia content creator. He produces Clio’s Matters and Daily Matters podcasts, tells Clio customers’ stories in video and in writing, and helps make the annual Clio Cloud Conference the best conference in legal. He is a member of Clio’s Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Equity (DIBE) Council and is passionate about Clio’s mission to transform the legal experience for all.