Clio and CaseMail Announce Integration

Business Compliance Network’s Casemail Enables Clio Users to Securely Mail, Track and Manage Postal Mail Directly from the Cloud!

Business Compliance Network, LLC the company behind the cloud based postal management service called CaseMail, along with Themis Solutions Inc., makers of Clio, the most widely used cloud-based legal practice management platform, announced today the release of the Clio-CaseMail App. This integrated solution gives Clio users online access to the United States Postal Service infrastructure to send and manage their Certified and First Class mailings.

Clio users no longer need to print their documents in order to mail them. They simply select a document; select recipients from their contacts; select postage type and send. Users will be happy to say goodbye to stuffing envelopes, licking stamps, and those long trips to the post office. If that wasn’t time saving enough, Clio users no longer need to sort their return mail looking for proof of delivery green cards that need to be scanned and filed. When using the Clio-CaseMail App to send Certified Mail all electronic return receipts with signatures are digitized and attached to the mailed documents then archived in the users’ online folders.

“Integrating Clio with CaseMail’s postal management service provides law firms a 360° workflow that coverts their electronic documents into the physical world of postal mail and then automatically reconnects those documents back into their cloud account.” Said Joe Ruiz, CEO and Founder Business Compliance Network.

The Clio-CaseMail App provides the law firms the benefit of:

  • Mailing their documents via Certified or First Class mail securely from the cloud.
  • No documents to print, no envelopes to stuff, no stamps to print and no more trips to the post office
  • Users’ accounts are linked directly to the United States Postal Service tracking system enabling them to manage the transit and delivery confirmation of their critical mail in Real-Time.
  • Electronic Return Receipts and signatures are automatically digitized and attached to the mailed documents and archived securely in the users’ accounts.
  • Private labeled client portal gives Clio-CaseMail users the option to send documents to their clients for pre-approval before mailing. Additional option enable email notifications to be sent to clients when their documents are mailed and when they are delivered

“Clio and CaseMail are two innovative solutions that improve workflows and document management in the legal technology sector,” said Jack Newton, Clio co-founder and CEO. “We’re pleased to be able to offer an integration that creates a more efficient process for lawyers in managing their postal communications.”

About BCN

Business Compliance Network, LLC (BCN) is a privately held technology and consulting company that specializes in creating technology platforms to help improve processes and compliance. BCN provides solutions for the Legal, Financial, Real Estate, Construction and Healthcare sectors. BCN is headquartered in Buffalo Wyoming with correspondence offices in Pleasanton, CA. and was founded by Joe Ruiz in 2008.