Clio Launches Outlook 365 Add-In to Connect with Customers' Most Popular Email Application

With Clio’s new Outlook 365 add-in, legal professionals can build their cases directly from their Outlook email account, track every billable second in Clio, and store communications in matters with an intelligent bulk email sync.

Vancouver, BCClio, the leading cloud-based legal practice management platform, now offers an Outlook 365 add-in to its global customer base, further meeting the needs of the modern legal professional. Clio is the first and only cloud-based practice management platform to offer a native integration for both Outlook’s desktop and 365 platforms.

With Clio’s Outlook 365 add-in, customers can scan their inbox for unfiled emails and easily associate them with a matter in Clio. Customers can also run a scan for emails received in the last 48 hours and select those messages that should be filed to a matter in Clio. Once one client email is associated with a matter, an intelligent scan can be run to file known threads and responses from the last 48 hours to the same matter.

With Clio’s new Outlook 365 add-in customers will be able to:

  • File efficiently with one click – Save emails, including attachments, from Outlook to Clio as documents and easily organize them under related matters.
  • Work seamlessly from Outlook – Sync essential client communications to Clio, keeping cases organized.
  • Track every billable moment – Start a timer right from Outlook and generate billable records in Clio.

The Clio Outlook 365 add-in is compatible with Home, Personal, Business, and Enterprise versions of Outlook for Office 365, both browser and desktop versions, on Mac and PC.

In Clio’s 2016 annual customer survey, 40% of respondents reported using Outlook as their email application, more than any other email software. After reviewing the survey results, Clio created the Outlook 365 add-in to better meet customer needs. Outlook remains the dominant email tool for legal professionals and this integration is another part of the holistic Clio ecosystem that legal professionals can depend on.

“Previously, there was a technology gap in the legal landscape with client communications, like email, being stored separately from the rest of a case file. This gap has created frustrations for both clients and lawyers,” said Jack Newton, CEO and Co-founder of Clio. “Our goal is to continuously fill in those gaps with solutions like the Outlook 365 add-in. Legal professionals can access important firm information seamlessly and securely, while also being able to accurately track time spent creating, sharing, and updating email records.”

Clio’s Outlook 365 add-in is free of charge for customers with a Clio Boutique or Elite account and an Office 365 Business or Premium license, and is available for download from the Microsoft Outlook store.



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