Washington State Bar Association and Clio Partner to Offer Practice Management Benefits to Members

Themis Solutions Inc. Announces Washington State Bar Association as the Newest Member of the Clio Bar Affinity Program

Lawyers in the Evergreen State are no strangers to clouds, but now they have an extra benefit to help them use cloud-computing as a competitive advantage. Thanks to a new member benefit offered through the Washington State Bar Association, lawyers in the state now have a discounted rate with Clio, the leading cloud-based law firm practice management platform.

“Thanks to our agreement with the Washington State Bar Association, over 30,000 attorneys in Washington now have easier access to Clio’s extensive practice management solution,” says Jack Newton, Clio’s CEO and Co-founder. “As more law firms move to mobilize and modernize their practice through cloud-computing, attorneys practicing in Washington have an extra reason to subscribe to Clio’s cloud-based practice solution.”

Clio is the leading provider of cloud-based practice management, providing time, billing, and client collaboration tools for thousands of small and mid-sized law firms in over 50 countries. By using Clio, law firms can securely access their data from any Internet-connected device, including desktop and laptop computers, and smartphone or tablet devices. Lawyers can also leverage Clio’s cloud-based feature set to collaborate more closely with their clients and elevate their level of service.

With the Washington State Bar Association now offering Clio as a member benefit, a total of 36 State Bar Associations across the United States have signed on to the Clio Bar Association Affinity Program. First established in 2011 to help lawyers and law firms accelerate their potential through the benefits of cloud-based practice management, the Affinity Program has helped thousands of lawyers plug into Clio’s intuitive and portable software solution.

“Technology often helps lawyers meet the growing demands of their practice. Clio, a cloud-based practice management solution, is intended to help lawyers to maximize their efficiency and improve their workflow while also offering mobility to their practice” said Charity Anastasio, Practice Management Advisor at the Washington State Bar Association. “The WSBA is pleased to add Clio as a member benefit.”

The mission of the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) is to serve the public and the members of the Bar, ensure the integrity of the legal profession, and to champion justice. The WSBA is part of the judicial branch, exercising a governmental function authorized by the Washington State Supreme Court to license the state’s nearly 35,000 lawyers. The WSBA both regulates lawyers under the authority of the Court and serves its members as a professional association—all without public funding.

More information can be found at http://www.wsba.org.

Washington attorneys looking to learn more about Clio or take advantage of an exclusive 10% discount can start a free trial by visiting https://www.clio.com/partnerships/bar-associations/wsba/.

For more information on the Clio Bar Association Affinity Program, please visit https://www.clio.com/partnerships/bar-associations/.

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Charity Anastasio
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Washington State Bar Association
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