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  • Jubilee Notices

    Jubilee Notices is a complete Court Notice Email Management System that helps save your law firm valuable time and costs by…

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  • Jubilee TextMessaging

    With a higher open and response rate than traditional forms of communication, texting is becoming the preferred method of reach…

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  • Kenect

    Kenect is an easy-to-use business texting platform built for law firms throughout North America. Kenect is designed to increase efficiency,…

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  • Corvum

    Corvum’s dialer allows you to easily call your contacts within Clio. The timer starts when your client says “Hello” and…

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  • Heymarket Logo for App Directory


    Heymarket provides trackable business text messaging with your Clio contacts. View SMS history within each Clio contact's communications log. Incoming…

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  • Podium

    Podium helps law offices attract more customers, keep current customers & grow their business. We offer simple messaging, reviews, and…

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  • Proclaim

    Proclaim provides law firms with the simplest way to talk to their clients and potential clients. Proclaim lets law firms…

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  • Zipwhip

    Zipwhip empowers businesses to communicate with their customers in the most effective way possible – text messaging. Zipwhip text-enables existing…

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