Clio Win Big at Burnaby Business Excellence Awards 2015

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Community Impact and Success Win for Clio at Burnaby Business Excellence Awards.

In celebrating the 16th annual Burnaby Business Excellence Awards, Burnaby Board of Trade took the night to recognize the outstanding success and positive impact local organizations and companies have had on the Canadian community – in which Clio were happy to be part of and stand out as one of the big winners of the night.

Reflecting Clio’s rapid and sustained growth and contribution to both the legal and tech start-up scene in North America, we were nominated for awards in three of the nine categories acknowledging outstanding business success.

COO Rian Gauvreau brought home the Business of the Year award to HQ, as CEO and co-founder Jack Newton was awarded Business Person of the Year. These big wins incentivize more of  the innovative steps and customer-focused moves Clio have  made as a growing company over the last seven years!

Check out more information on the awards night and community successes at the Burnaby Board of Trade Website, or find out why Clio tech is leading the way for local innovation for yourself today.

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