Episode 77: Kelly Hayes and Betsy Stotler, Owners and Managing Partners at Stotler Hayes Group, LLC

Before they started their law firm in 2012, Kelly Hayes and Betsy Stotler were “two lawyer-moms who wanted to work at an innovative distributed law firm that balanced work, life, and clients”——and since this type of firm didn’t exist in their area, they created it. Now, they have a thriving practice with over 50 full-time employees, including 28 attorneys practicing in over 33 states.
In this episode, Kelly and Betsy talk to Clio CEO Jack Newton about:
  • Why they started their firm, and how it grew over time
  • Key things for attorneys who are considering starting their own firms to think about
  • The advantages of running a distributed law firm using cloud-based technology
  • How to foster and maintain a law firm’s culture and values, even with employees working remotely
  • Traits to look for when hiring employees who can thrive in a Work-From-Home environment