Build Your Law Firm’s 2021 Success Plan

Identify the most critical goals for law firm success in 2021—and what you’ll need to achieve them.

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Step 1: Identify your firm’s goals

Determine what's most important to achieving success for you and your law firm.

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    Goal 1: Streamline cash flow

    Market condition

    Research shows that, on average, firm revenues have fallen during the pandemic.

    What your approach should be

    Send electronic bills instantly and offer an e-payment solution.

    Law firms using Clio Payments are projected to collect $15,179 more per lawyer in 2020. In some months, these customers collected up to 16% more revenue than their peers during the pandemic.

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    Goal 2: Grow your business

    Market condition

    Gone are the days of the storefront. In 2021 clients are looking for legal services online. 57% of consumers look for lawyers on their own, relying heavily on online search.

    What your approach should be

    Get an online profile and make it easy for clients to book consultations from Google.

    Google owns more than 90% of the global search market share. Having a free Google My Business profile ensures clients can find you online—and Clio Scheduler lets them book consultations directly from Google.

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    Goal 3: Deliver better client experiences

    Market condition

    52% of consumers say they use more types of technology now than before the coronavirus pandemic.

    What your approach should be

    Make it easy for your clients to connect with you and their legal matter remotely.

    The majority of today’s clients prefer working with lawyers that offer videoconferencing, electronic document workflows, and online billing and payments. Offering and promoting these services increases your hireability.

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    Goal 4: Improve productivity and remote collaboration

    Market condition

    76% of legal professionals believe that legal services can be streamlined when conducted virtually.

    What your approach should be

    Use a cloud-based practice management solution that allows for remote work and collaboration with clients and colleagues.

    21% of law firms are operating without commercial office space, and many more are evaluating how to reduce their real estate costs. Technology can help streamline online and in-person interactions while helping save on firm costs.

Step 2: Get the right technology to meet these goals

Once you've set goals for your firm's success, make sure you have the systems in place to reach those goals. The right technologies will exponentially impact the returns on your effort.

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Advantages to using Clio’s electronic payments, client portal, and client intake and CRM solutions—all part of the Clio Suite.


Law firms using Clio’s cloud-based solutions bring in over 30% more casework and are collecting $37,622 more than their peers. 


Your 2021 Checklist for Success

Set your firm up with the most widely trusted legal technology platform that integrates seamlessly—and securely—with the software you already use.

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Make 2021 your best year yet—with Clio

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