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How Silver Immigration Saves 4 Hours Per Client Intake with Clio Grow

Silver Immigration knew that from day one that they needed effective systems to help them save time, work effectively & decrease stress levels. That's…

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How the Hemmat Law Group, tripled their revenue, gets paid 4.9× faster, and opened a consulting group with Clio

The Hemmat Law Group has seen incredible growth in just a few years as a result of transitioning to Clio - including efficiency, revenue…

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Commingling of Funds: What Lawyers Need to Know

As a lawyer, commingling funds is never okay. Learn how to avoid commingling, keep track of client funds, and protect your firm.

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Commingling of Funds

Reconciliation in Accounting: What Lawyers Need to Know

Discover the importance of reconciliation in accounting for lawyers and learn best practices to ensure financial accuracy and compliance.

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What Is an IOLTA Account? A Comprehensive Guide

Need a primer on IOLTA accounts? Read this blog post to learn more about IOLTA accounts, their history, and how Clio makes trust and…

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Client Intake: A Guide for Law Firms

Download Clio’s free guide covering what you need to know about creating a strong client intake process, including best practices and automating client intake.

Client Intake - A Guide for Law Firms

Get Your Finances Right From the Start: A Checklist for Launching Your Law Firm

Download Clio’s free checklist to uncover the financial steps every new firm should take to set themselves up for long-term success.

Get Your Finances Right From The Start Checklist

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