Attornify’s mission is to transform the marketing lead generation, scheduling, and communications process for lawyers, freeing them up to focus directly on meeting the demands of their practice. By integrating their Clio account with Attornify, attorneys are guaranteed that their availability is always shown in real-time to prospective clients – ensuring that they never get double booked. In addition, any new consultation bookings flow seamlessly from Attornify into the attorney’s Clio calendar, eliminating the need to manage multiple calendars. Attornify’s SEO-optimized, transformative platform uses bleeding-edge instant-search technology to enable prospective clients to quickly find attorneys, read reviews & legal resources, and schedule consultations, instantly!

Key Features

  • Our platform enables prospective clients to seamlessly view attorney calendars and book consultations online. Attorneys sign into our platform and set up a schedule where they are open to taking consultations. Attornify additionally enables synchronization with external calendars such as Clio. Using Clio's API's, Attornify ensures that attorney availability is shown (or blocked) based on actual calendar availability. Furthermore, any new consultation booked through Attornify is directly input into the attorney's Clio calendar, enabling a very seamless experience for the attorney.