Clio Payments powered by LawPay

Clio Payments, powered by LawPay, is the client-friendly way to get paid faster, save more money, automate your billing workflow–and deliver better service that clients have come to expect from the modernized law firm.

Key Features

  • Get Paid Faster
    • Clio Payments allows you to collect instant, online credit card payments, removing the time delay between when you issue an invoice and receive payment, so you get paid faster, collect more and reduce debt.

    Get LawPay for Free
    • Clio Payments powered by LawPay is free to activate and subscribe on a monthly basis. Clio will cover your $20 monthly LawPay fee and provide access to low credit card processing rates: 1.95% + 20¢ per transaction on all major credit cards, and 2.95% + 20¢ on Amex and specialty cards for law firms based in the US. Canadian law firms are charged 2.95% + 20¢ per transaction on all major credit cards.

    Automate Collections + Save Time
    • Clio Payments, powered by LawPay, streamlines your billing workflow and enables secure credit card payments without you ever having to leave Clio--removing the need to visit an external service, interact with a physical device, or manage an integration.

    Send an email directly from Clio, with a PDF copy of the bill and a secure payment link that allows your clients to pay the bill on their own. No manual entry required as Clio Payments automatically records all payment transactions and syncs to third party accounting systems.

    Let Clients Pay on Their Terms
    • Clio Payments delivers access to simple, efficient and convenient payment methods that clients have come to expect from modern law firms, making your legal services more accessible. Provide your clients with real-time account updates when they need them, using Clio Connect and Clio Payments.

    Guarantee Trust compliance
    • Collect online credit card payments with trusted security and standards compliance. Clio Payments lets you collect earned and unearned fees into operating and trust accounts in accordance with professional and state bar trust accounting guidelines. Clio Payments also protects IOLTA accounts from chargebacks in the event of a dispute.