Fast and robust scheduling tool for Clio users. Firmbook is simple yet powerful with features such as deep Clio & LawPay integrations, automatic conflict check, intelligent reminders, customer analytics and more. At each booking, it creates a new client entry, time/billing entry, and a new invoice in Clio and Lawpay.

Key Features

  • Deep integration. At each new booking on your website, Firmbook creates a new client entry, a time entry, an invoice, and a conflict check in Clio automatically. All the while, it also sends intake forms, invoice, reminders to your clients automatically.

    Payment. Firmbook integrates with Lawpay to bridge Clio and your website payment. At every new payment, Clio is updated and an invoice is created automatically.

    CRM feature. Firmbook integrates with Clio Grow to provides you analytics. Know how many potential clients visit your website, book a consultation and become a client automatically.