Founded is a legal automation platform to incorporate businesses and manage their ongoing needs. Founded generates legal documents, sends for e-signature, and files with the government, all from one intuitive interface. With the Founded+Clio integration, documents are automatically imported into the correct client matter and all disbursements are tracked.

Key Features

  • Incorporating and Organizing Businesses

    When incorporating a new business, Founded prepares all incorporation and organizational documents. Once the incorporation is processed by the government, the minute book documents are distributed for e-signature to the officers, directors and shareholders of the new corporation. Now with the Founded / Clio integration, lawyers no longer need to manually import the corporation’s articles and minute book into Clio. Articles of Incorporation and the organizational documents are all automatically imported into the client’s matter on Clio once they are signed.

    Tracking Disbursements

    All fees and charges, including government disbursements, agent fees, and any other applicable charges, are calculated and tracked on Clio. Billing is now extremely simple as all incorporation fees can be immediately billed back to clients by using the Founded / Clio integration.