Pleeder creates branded apps & websites that connect potential or current clients with law firms. Using on-demand & scheduling services like video or text chat, attorneys can have Contacts created automatically with their Calendar updated in real-time… and even have new Matters entered directly from interactions on the app.

Key Features

  • Create Contact:
    ∙ Pleeder automatically creates a Clio Contact anytime a user schedules their consultation with you. No more manually filling out Contacts for every new individual new consultation, instead Pleeder does everything for you!

    Update Calendar:
    ∙ Whenever anyone schedules a consultation, your calendar will be updated automatically through the Clio Integration by Pleeder. Just sync your calendar once, and from there you can offer up dates & times to meet clients in-person or through Pleeder's secure video chat. Managing your calendar's never been easier.

    New Matters:
    ∙ After the consultation is over, you can choose to have Pleeder create a Matter with information gained through our scheduling intake. Add the necessary notes & additions, then Pleeder will update Clio with the new Matter. Start decreasing manual tasks & start increasing your billable hours with Pleeder.