Pleeder creates branded apps & websites that connect potential or current clients with law firms. Using on-demand & scheduling services like video or text chat, attorneys can have Contacts created automatically with their Calendar updated in real-time… and even have new Matters entered directly from interactions on the app.

Key Features

  • Create Contact
    ∙ Pleeder automatically creates Contacts through the Clio Integration anytime a user signs up on your app or website. No more manually filling out Contacts for every new individual your have a consultation, instead your branded app & website will do this for you!

    Update Calendar
    ∙ Whenever a potential client schedules a consultation, or whenever a current client books an appointment, your calendar will be updated through the Clio Integration with Pleeder. This means your branded app & website can host your calendar data in real time, so you get to offer up consultation times that makes sense with your calendar… and when someone books that time, your calendar is updated with the consultation’s intake information so everyone in your office has visibility into these changes.

    New Matters
    ∙ After the consultation is over, both you & the potential client will be asked if you want to move forward with the case. If both parties choose to do so, your firm’s client paperwork will be sent to the potential client directly through the app. Once the person signs the paperwork, using a digitally encrypted signature, the Matter will be created automatically through the Clio Integration & you can focus on what matters: Winning the case.