is the easiest, most secure app for communicating with your mobile-first clients without ever having to hand out your cell phone number. Clients love the free iPhone/Android app which is their direct, secure line to you and your firm. You get your life back through controlled notifications.

Key Features

  • Privilege is a pair of apps that allow clients and attorneys to have high-trust conversations.

    Clients use the Privilege app on their iOS or Android devices to send and receive messages and documents with their counsel with the ease of texting. Clients can see whether their lawyer is available, and when they will get the next notification, eliminating "why aren't you answering me" pings.

    Attorneys using the Counselor by app get notifications only when they are available and within business hours. They never share their calendar nor phone number.

    The attorney can delete messages from the client's phone with a press of a button should they worry about security.

    One-click generation of a complete conversation record makes Privilege the only messaging approach to meet bar association rules for client file retention.

    Privilege increases trust and service between clients and attorneys without increasing work by either.

    Clio customers have an even faster experience:
    1. 1-click conversation from an existing Clio contact.
    2. Time entries automatically appear every day based on the time spent communicating with clients.
    3. Setup could not be easier - just click one button on!