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5 Simple Steps Every Lawyer Can Take to Improve Mental Wellness

Every year it seems the pace of life speeds up. The days and months pass by in a blur of deadlines, emails, and stress. There is so much that feels out of our control and…

3 Ways Lawyers Can Get and Keep More Clients

Here are three tips to help your firm get more clients—based on data. Hint: Better client service is key.

5 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Lawyer-Client Relationships

You work hard for your clients, but are you as committed to them as you should be? Here's how to boost your lawyer-client relationships.

5 Law Firm Interview Questions for Better Recruiting

Asking the right interview questions will help you learn how a candidate will perform at your law firm, and what they’ll be like to work with.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Attorney Networking

Are you wasting your time on the wrong attorney networking activities? Read these tips to find out.

How One Alberta Lawyer Saves Time With the Cloud

Jason Morris of Roundtable Law talks about how he uses Clio to save a whole lot of time in his legal practice.

Apps for Preventing Lawyer Burnout

In the legal profession, burnout can creep up on you faster than you think. These three apps can help you stay refreshed and recharged while managing your time wisely.

Clio Cloud Conference 2016: Jack Newton’s Opening Keynote

Create Study Outlines to Master the Bar Exam

Improve Legal Tech Know-How And Become a Clio Power User