Our Next Chapter at Clio

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Our Next Chapter at Clio

Dear valued customers,

When we founded Clio in 2008, our goal was to build a solution to help solo and small firm lawyers manage their practices better. What’s happened since then has been truly humbling. Over the past 10 years, Clio customers, including you, have created 37,981,218 contacts, opened 15,748,958 matters, and created 70,218,136 documents. Beyond the numbers, you have freed the wrongfully convicted, improved access to justice, and innovated the way legal services are delivered. It’s clear that, through technology, there’s a tremendous opportunity to transform the practice of law, for good.

Creating our practice management platform was just the first chapter in our story. Over the last year, Rian and I have been thinking about what you need next and how we can further support not just you, but your clients.

Client expectations have evolved, and we want to support you in delivering exceptional client experiences. Our vision is to create a suite of product offerings that play a crucial role in helping you deliver the responsive, informed service that today’s clients expect, while also helping you maintain the levels of efficiency and profitability your firm needs to thrive.

Under this vision, I’m excited to share that we have acquired Lexicata, a dedicated client relationship management and client intake tool for lawyers. Lexicata has been an integration partner of ours for four years, and Michael Chasin, CEO of Lexicata, and I have always shared a passion for creating transformative technologies that will move the industry of law forward. With over half of Lexicata customers also being Clio customers, we felt this was a natural progression in our partnership as we take the next steps in delivering client-centered technologies.

Acquiring Lexicata is a major leap forward in our vision to deliver a suite of services that solves for the end-to-end client journey. Over the next three months, we are going to evolve Lexicata into a more advanced client engagement platform called Clio Grow, launching early 2019.

Clio Grow will seamlessly integrate with our existing practice management solution, offering the first solution of its kind—a complete, end-to-end solution for law firms. Client and case information will sync seamlessly across platforms, tracking valuable firm metrics from intake through to invoice.

With Clio Grow, firms will know where leads come from, and what actions are required to convert them to clients. At every touchpoint, firms will be able to collect important contact data which will sync with Clio’s existing practice management platform at a level of seamlessness yet to be seen between any legal software. For every client earned, Clio Grow will also allow firms to measure the ROI for money spent on marketing and other business development investments.

Our last 10 years were focused on making practicing law more manageable and efficient. The next 10 will build on that foundation by creating a suite of solutions that solves for the end-to-end experience of working with a law firm.

We look forward to building that future, for you, and with you.

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