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Episode 8: Why Having a Mission Matters

Two legal experts discuss how building a mission-driven law firm can drive growth and provide deeper meaning to employees.

Clio Matters Podcast - episode 8

Episode 7: Why Robots Matter

Three experts on legal robots—a.k.a. legal technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence—discuss chatbots and other tools that have major long-term implications for the industry.

Why Robots Matter - Clio Matters Podcast

Episode 6: Why You Matter

With high rates of substance abuse, depression, and suicide in the legal profession, a focus on wellness has never been more critical. Are you…

Clio Matters Podcast Episode 6

Episode 5: Why Online Presence Matters

How do you look when potential clients are researching you on the Internet? Digital marketing expert Gyi Tsakalakis and attorney Jess Birken explain how…

Clio Resource

Episode 4: Why Automation Matters

Automation might make you think of robots, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Nehal Madhani and Jordan Couch explain how to automate processes…

Clio Matters Podcast Social Image Ep4

Episode 3: Why Client Acquisition Matters

What’s in a first impression—for clients, and for law firms? Hear from Michael Chasin, General Manager of Clio Grow, and Jennifer Reynolds, Owner of…

Why Client Acquisition Matters | Clio Podcast

Episode 1: Why the Client Experience Matters

How can your law firm succeed like Amazon? With a focus on the client experience. Greg McLawsen and Joshua Kubicki explain.

Why the Client Experience Matters

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