BigLegal is an easy-to-use AI-powered corporate legal document tool. BigLegal organizes and annotates any corporate legal document in any file format for key terms and clauses, improving speed and accuracy of review. It’s a more productive way to review, share and make decisions on corporate legal documents.

Key Features

  • Review Documents Faster and More Accurately
    • Studies show AI-assisted document review improves speed and accuracy. BigLegal uses the power of AI to organize and annotate any corporate legal document in any file format. Documents are presented with key terms and clauses highlighted for fast review.

    Seamless Import and Export with Clio
    • The Clio-BigLegal integration allows you to import and export files or folders with just a few clicks. You can start reviewing documents in minutes.

    Create Clio Time Entries From Within BigLegal
    • The Clio-BigLegal integration allows you to create Clio time entries to track time spent reviewing documents via a pop-up window within BigLegal, streamlining time tracking.

    Collaborate and Share the Benefits of AI
    • BigLegal includes permissioned teams and sharing. This means when you need, you can collaborate quickly and easily and share the benefits of AI-reviewed documents.

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