Legalmate OCR

OCR all your firm’s documents.
Available in the United States
USD $14.99/month/per active clio user

Key benefits for your firm

  • OCR any document inside Clio instantaneously

    Instantly OCR any type of document (PDFs, Images etc.) when uploaded to Clio.
  • Bulk OCR your firm's documents with a click of a button.

    OCR your entire firm's documents with a click of a button. Say goodbye to manual scanning and uploading.
  • Take advantage of Clio’s powerful document search tool

    Use Clio’s powerful text search to quickly find any text or document inside your firm’s Clio account.

How Legalmate OCR works with Clio

  • OCR any document inside Clio Manage and take advantage of Clio’s powerful text search.

    • Upload any document into Clio and generate a machine-readable copy in the same location
    • Use Clio’s powerful keyword text search to find any previously non-OCRed documents.
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