Zipwhip is a cloud-based software that allows your firm to send and receive text messages from the firm’s existing business phone number. Attorneys and staff can facilitate and centrally manage text conversations through the desktop computer or any internet-connected device. Business texting allows law firms to effectively communicate with clients and prospects without having to give away personal cell phone numbers.

Key Features

  • With simple login credentials, the firm can access client text messages through any internet-connected device (desktop, smart phone or tablet), which allows the firm and attorney(s) flexibility on when and how they reach their clients. With a desktop application download the user will be notified via push notification when there is an inbound text, allowing the user the flexibility of not having to stay in the Zipwhip web application.

    Zipwhip is an intuitive platform with extensive features, including auto-reply, MMS, scheduled texting, group texting, and keywords. With Zipwhip, law firms can improve availability, quickly acquire case information, confirm important dates, and even bring in new business with ‘click to text’. Zipwhip is designed to ensure easy access to your clients, and open the door for future clients through the consumer medium of texting.

    Zipwhip for Clio allows customers to seamlessly record text message conversations (SMS and MMS) in a single source of record (Clio) to get a complete overview of customer interactions and compliance requirements.

    Zipwhip interacts with Clio using phone numbers as unique identifiers to log text messages between clients and the business phone number. Messages are logged under the communication logs in Clio.

    Clio customers can add this text messaging sync by simply downloading the integration from Zipwhip and authorizing for the two softwares to talk to each other.

    • Real time sync of Zipwhip text (SMS) and picture (MMS) messages into Clio.
    • Archive all text conversations into Clio so you can record and review all communication with your customers.