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This March has been an extra special one at Clio: We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary.

10 years ago, Jack Newton and Rian Gauvreau founded Clio with the goal of bringing law firms to the cloud. Today, Clio is the most powerful and most widely used law practice management software in the world—and we’re just getting started. We’ve recently added 20 new app integrations to Clio’s App Directory, and we’ve got a few other tips to help you practice more efficiently below.

Check out our journey over the past 10 years, and read below about some of our newest app integrations.

20 new additions to the Clio app directory

So far in 2018, we’ve added 20 new app integrations to Clio’s app directory. From appointment booking to chatbots, we’re certain you’ll find something new and interesting to help your firm practice even more efficiently.

Here’s the full list:


The Attornify platform enables prospective clients to seamlessly view attorney calendars and book consultations online. Any new consultation booked through Attornify is directly input into your Clio calendar.


BirdEye lets you send fully automated review requests to your clients and integrates seamlessly with your client list in Clio.

Case Status

Case Status provides clients with real-time updates regarding the status of their cases, and lets attorneys and clients message each other quickly. All cases and communications are automatically synced to appear in both Clio and Case Status.


Docketbird helps you easily access your federal court documents by uploading them to your Clio matters as soon as they are filed. This makes it easy to view and search federal court docket sheets and documents when working in Clio.


Embroker provides technology that takes the pain out of insurance, offers expert guidance from the best brokers in the country, and partners with the nation’s leading carriers to help law firms reduce their cost of risk.


Gideon is a messaging and data analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence that helps law firms put lead conversion on autopilot. It uses artificial intelligence to capture and qualify potential clients (or leads), answer initial inquiries, and book meetings for attorneys 24/7. Once the intake is complete in Gideon, Clio customers can export all the data over to Clio with a single click.


Inventive-IP analyzes free text, searches for prior art, identifies and assesses competition, and monitors IP instantly, so your clients can protect their IP assets continuously using proprietary A.I. technology, all while seamlessly updating the appropriate matter and billable activity in Clio.


Kylant offers a robust cloud-based legal accounting platform for European law firms that lets attorneys manage firm accounting in the same system as trust/client accounting, enabling compliance with SRA Accounts rules while synchronizing client and matter data as well as all firm and trust/client transactions from Clio.


LawDroid designs dialogs to qualify prospective clients for your firm using chatbot technology. It gathers information from new clients, while providing standardized information to existing clients. Once conversations are complete, LawDroid populates the data into Clio.

LawTap Appointment Booking Manager

LawTap books appointments instantly for your Clio contacts with SMS and email confirmations and reminders. It also synchronizes LawTap appointment bookings as contacts, matters, and activities in Clio.


Lawyaw is an easy-to-use document automation and electronic signature platform designed for legal service professionals. It combines court forms and internal Word documents into custom groups, and creates error-free legal documents from more than 5,000 up-to-date and fully editable state, county, and local forms, including all California Judicial Council and county court forms.

Lead Docket

Lead Docket captures key information from every potential client from every source in one place, allowing for timely follow up (which is key to securing new clients) while automatically generating the relevant client information in Clio.

Mediascope by Copypants

Mediascope uses machine learning to automatically search the web for matches of your client’s visual assets. It generates documentary evidence reports that export directly to Clio Documents folders and are added to existing matters within Clio.

Medilenz Services

Medilenz is an Artificial Intelligence assisted application and service that provides medical summaries for use by attorneys. Medilenz uploads medical records through a secure file transfer system in a PDF format to Clio to be associated with matters, and allows the status of a case to be checked.


PATLive answers every call using 24/7/365 virtual receptionists. Call details will be saved directly into Clio accounts, reducing redundancies.


Rainmaker identifies risks and opportunities for a client’s business, and creates auto-generated reports and agreed work plans to deal with the legal issues the diagnostic has identified. This integration can be used as an onboarding tool for new client matters or an annual review for existing clients.


Repsight automates the collection of public reviews for your practice or firm on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Avvo. When Clio customers close a matter, their clients will automatically receive a review request. High scoring reviews are sent directly to the public review site of the legal professional’s choice, while any low scoring reviews are emailed back to them for review. offers inbound and outbound call services with per-call pricing and no charges for spam, robocalls, or wrong numbers. handles calls and booking appointments from everyone from prospective clients to court staff.

Time Tracker by eBillity

Time tracker tracks time with a two-way data sync with Clio and includes features like ABA billing codes, LEDES invoicing, a conflict checker, trust accounting, expense tracking, 4-click invoicing, and LSS realization reports.


WealthCounsel allows legal professionals to draft customized estate plans for clients. It pushes new or updated contacts and matter details from Clio into WealthCounsel online products so that you can immediately start drafting documents for their clients.

Updated print-friendly view now available

Even the most purely paperless firms may sometimes need to use a printer! We’ve made it even easier to print your calendar, matters list, or any other screen in Clio, so that you can have a clear, easily consumable paper version of your information if you ever need it—just right click and select print.

Tip: 2 ways to send client invoices

Here are two ways to send invoices to your clients quickly and easily:

1. Using Clio for Co-Counsel

With Clio for Co-Counsel, Clio’s online client communication portal, you can easily and securely share invoices with clients via email. “Securely” is the key word here: As a lawyer, you have a duty to keep client information confidential, and with Clio for Co-Counsel, you can rest easy knowing that everything is secure.

Patrick Palace of Palace Law finds that with minimal training, his firm’s clients can access not just invoices, but any documents related to their case through the portal. “In the two years we’ve been doing this, no one’s complained that they didn’t like getting their information instantly or that they didn’t like Clio for Co-Counsel,” he said.

2. Using InvoiceSherpa

InvoiceSherpa helps you stay on top of accounts receivable by automatically following up on overdue accounts. It also sends out your initial invoice as a PDF attachment, and integrates directly with Clio—your contacts and invoices in Clio will automatically appear in InvoiceSherpa, making it even easier to manage invoicing and follow ups.


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