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Clio This Month non billable time

August is here, the sun is high, and we’ve got a bunch of new updates to keep your firm as productive as possible as we roll into the end of the summer. This month, we’ve rolled out non-billable time tracking in Clio Manage, making it easier to track all the work that goes into a matter while keeping control over what shows up on the final invoice.

Additionally, this month brings Tasks to the Clio Mobile Beta, and brings four new integration partners to Clio’s App Directory.

Read on for more of what’s new at Clio This Month.

Non-billable time tracking in Clio Manage

Image of the non-billable time tracking module

Tracking non-billable time is critical for keeping track of the time and effort—i.e., cost for your firm—that’s going into each case. If you charge flat fees instead of by the hour, you need to know you’re charging enough to cover firm overhead and make a profit. And even if you do charge by the hour, you need to know how much non-billable administrative overhead is going into each case.

Now, with Clio Manage, it’s easier to track non-billable activities on billable matters to get a complete view of how time is spent across the firm—while still maintaining control over what appears on an invoice.

Through a new checkbox on the time entry modal, time entries can easily be marked as non-billable. Then, once you start tracking, you’ll have a detailed record of billable and non-billable time entries in the activities table, and a summarized comparison on the dashboard of your matter. Non-billable entries won’t appear on an invoice—you’ll just have a record for internal tracking purposes.

Bill via flat fee or contingency? Time entries associated with flat fee and contingency cases will default to non-billable, and from the matter dashboard, you’ll see at a glance how much time has been committed compared to what is being billed.

Here’s what Clio customers are already saying about non-billable time tracking:

I absolutely love that at-a-glance each day I can see how much of my time was truly billable versus how much was non-billable administrative work. I love that I can also see the value of those time measurements. I do a lot of marketing and administrative work for our firm, but I still have billable goals for myself each day. So it’s important to me to be able to see quickly by clicking through the days how much time for each day was actually billable versus non-billable.  Again thank you so much for these outstanding improvements.

– John Michaelson, Michaelson & Associates, Ltd.

Learn more about non-billable time tracking in Clio Manage.

Clio Mobile Beta: Tasks

This month, we’ve brought tasks to the Clio Mobile Beta. It’s now easier than ever to jot down your to-do’s when you’re on the road. You can now:

  • Create, update, and delete tasks on the go
  • See the details of a single task
  • View Tasks in a list, and sort by assignee, matter, status, and task type
  • Swipe to complete a task
  • And more

Haven’t signed up for the Clio Mobile Beta yet? There’s still time to sign up and get early access to new mobile features and performance enhancements, and enjoy the brand new interface that’ll be coming to the Clio Mobile App later this year.

Sign up for Clio’s mobile beta here.

Four new additions to the Clio App Directory

The largest collection of legal apps and services continues to grow, with four new integrations added this month to the Clio App Directory.


FirmFeedback is a one-click NPS automation tool. Send NPS surveys and request additional feedback after every matter is closed!


Pleeder creates branded apps & websites that connect potential or current clients with law firms. Using on-demand & scheduling services like video or text chat, attorneys can have contacts created automatically with their calendar updated in real-time … and even have new matters entered directly from interactions on the app.

Learn more about Pleeder.


firmTRAK is a brand new dashboarding tool created specifically for Clio. firmTRAK’s customizable suite of dashboards can monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) like realization, utilization and collection rates to analyse firm productivity. You can even build custom tables to track month-over-month client growth rate, new clients per attorney, matter by revenue, and more!

Learn more about firmTRAK.

Auto Recovery Cost

Auto Recovery Cost (ARC) has developed a fully automated process to import common expenses directly from your print/scan hardware into Clio. ARC integrates directly with common Cost Recovery software like PCS Director, Print Audit, Equitrac, and others to ensure that all your billable expenses end up in Clio without any manual intervention.

Learn more about Auto Recovery Cost.

That’s it for Clio this month! Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to the Clio Cloud Conference.

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