Episode 71: The Legal Industry’s Response to COVID-19

This week on Daily Matters, we are taking a look back at some of the key themes, ideas, and moments from our first 70 episodes. Each of the next 5 episodes will focus on a different topic playing a central role in the future of the profession. In today’s episode, we’ll be recapping how the legal industry reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic—and how the coronavirus crisis is changing the practice of law, for good. 

This episode features valuable insights from:

  • Judy Perry Martinez, President of the American Bar Association
  • Jordan Furlong, Principal of Law21
  • Rachel Roche, Founder of Roche Legal
  • Erin Levine, Founder of Levine Family Law Group and Hello Divorce
  • T.C. Whittaker, Law Firm Solutions Leader at PwC InsightsOfficer
  • Joseph Andrew, Global Chairman of Dentons
  • Richard Susskind, Author of The Future of The Professions
  • Mitch Jackson, Founding Partner at Jackson & Wilson