It’s Clio’s 8th Anniversary!

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We’re happy to announce that Clio recently celebrated its eighth anniversary as a company! We want to send out a big “thank you” to all of our customers and partners who have helped make this milestone possible. We’re extremely proud to serve the legal community, and we’d like to share some insights on what’s made this past year special for us.

It’s been a wild ride. Since launching in 2008, Clio has grown to over 150,000 active users. In the past year alone they’ve created 26 million contacts, opened 10 million matters, and billed over 50 million hours in Clio.

And to think, co-founders Rian Gauvreau and Jack Newton might never have created Clio if they had followed their middle school dream of starting an aerospace company. Instead, they’ve turned Clio into their own rocket ship. We’re growing fast, and we’re headed for the moon! (More on this below.)

The Biggest and Best Clio Cloud Conference Yet

This year, we hosted our biggest, most successful Clio Cloud Conference to date. We had almost 700 attendees who enjoyed amazing presentations and keynote speakers that included Kimberley Motley and Gary Vaynerchuk. The conference received rave reviews. Don’t miss your opportunity to join us at next year’s conference in New Orleans!

Customer-Centric Feature Improvements

We’re constantly growing and evolving to help lawyers manage their practices better. Here’s a highlight reel of what we released this past year:

  • Trust Requests let you invoice clients in person or via email, which can then be paid electronically in an ethical and compliant manner.
  • Advanced Tasks change how lawyers plan, track, and execute assignments, helping ensure optimal firm productivity. This feature is available to users on Clio’s Elite plan.
  • Office 365, is now fully integrated with Clio—offering compatibility with the whole suite of Office 365 Business and Enterprise applications (Documents, Contacts, and Calendars).

And then there’s our improved iOS and Android mobile apps, which include features such as:

  • An innovative Global Create button that lets attorneys create a new task, contact, memo, and more from any screen within our iOS app.
  • An intuitive Home screen that prioritizes your five most pressing tasks, upcoming events, and recently updated matters.
  • Advanced Tasks for mobile, which let you see the status, type, and expected duration of every task at hand. As mentioned above, this is an Elite feature.

We’ve also added new search capabilities to our Court Rules feature and updated secure messaging to allow for unlimited storage.

Next year, users can look forward to the first ever ground-up redesign of Clio. We’ve code-named our mission Clio Apollo, in keeping with our (almost) aerospace origins.

A Game-Changing Report

At this year’s Clio Cloud Conference, we released the Legal Trends Report. It’s the first ever data-driven report on the legal industry, and it promises to be a game changer. Past reports on the industry were produced using survey responses, but the Legal Trends Report is generated using aggregated, anonymized data from Clio. This means you’ll have accurate information to make better business decisions.

For example, according to the Clio Billable Hour Index, the average rate billed by lawyers across the United States is $232 per hour. The full report will provide further details on state and practice-specific averages, while also including data on average billable hours and collection rates.

So far, the Legal Trends Report has generated plenty of interest. We can’t wait to see the positive changes this report will bring to the legal industry.

New Security Standards for Legal Cloud Computing

More and more attorneys are switching to cloud-based legal practice management systems. With this shift, attorneys need to know they’re adequately protecting confidential client data.

The Legal Cloud Computing Association, headed by Clio CEO Jack Newton, released a set of cloud security standards for the legal industry this year. It includes 21 standards to help law firms ensure they’re properly protecting client data.

It’s the first set of standards of its kind, but it isn’t the last—as technology evolves to meet new cybersecurity threats, these standards will too.

A Team That Keeps on Growing

We’ve come a long way since 2008. What started as a company of two has grown to a company of over 200 employees working in three offices on two continents.

We’re not stopping there either. As our customer base grows, we’re recruiting more brilliant and innovative team members all the time to ensure the best possible user experience.

Thriving Partnerships

Clio has partnered with over fifty bar associations across the United States to make Clio more accessible to their members. This year, we’ve added the Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and North Dakota state bars to our roster.

But we’re not limited to the United States. The Law Society of Scotland is partnered with Clio, and the Leeds Law Society joined our ranks this year as well!

All members of these organizations are eligible for a 10 percent lifetime discount for Clio. Welcome to the Clio family!

Clioday Contest Winners!

Clio saves lawyers an average of eight hours per week—giving our customers what we call a ‘Clioday.’ We asked lawyers to share what they do with the time they save. Burgeon Legal in South Carolina won our hearts and our Clioday contest! See their story here.

Those are just the highlights of what we’ve been up to this year. We’ll never stop making practice management easier for lawyers, and we’ve got plenty planned for the years to come. Join us on our ride through the new frontier of legal practice management.

Save yourself eight hours a week. Start your free trial of Clio today!

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