Clio This Month: Your 2018 Product Updates

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What a year it’s been: From the addition of Lexicata to the Clio family, to a slew of updates and additions to Clio, to our biggest and best Clio Cloud Conference yet, we’ve had plenty of exciting announcements at Clio—and we hope 2018 has been just as productive and profitable at your firm.

To close out the year, we’re reflecting on 365 days of 2018 by celebrating 35 major
feature updates, 60 new integrations, and an exciting sneak peek at the year ahead.

Read on for an overview of 2018 product updates!

A better way to Grow

One of the biggest updates of the year was Clio’s acquisition of Lexicata, a leading CRM and client intake tool, which—as part of Clio’s suite of products—will evolve into the more advanced Clio Grow, launching early 2019.

For modern law firms, taking a client-centered approach is becoming more and more important to staying profitable and competitive. With a suite of tools to help address the entire client journey, including initial consults and intake, you’ll be better positioned than ever to succeed.

Learn more about Clio Grow.

Simpler payments

According to the 2018 Legal Trends Report, 47% of legal consumers are more likely to hire a lawyer who accepts automated payments, and 40% of legal consumers would never hire a lawyer who didn’t take credit or debit cards.

In other words, the ability to process payments quickly and smoothly is key to your law
firms success, so we’re continually adding more features to make it easier for
your firm to streamline this process.

Here’s what we added in 2018:

  1. InvoiceTracker
  2. CozyCal
  3. Lexop
  4. Diligen
  5. Podium
  6. Client Chat Live
  7. Broadly
  8. DocumentConnex
  9. Cloud Drive for Clio
  10. Click to Call for Clio
  11. Backup My Clio Data
  12. Mass Document Automation for Clio
  13. ClientSherpa
  14. Lawdroid
  15. Lawdroid Voice
  16. DealCloser
  17. Proclaim
  18. WarRoom
  19. Legalbox
  20. Docketman
  22. Time Miner
  23. Underscore
  24. Rocketcase
  25. MyFirmData
  26. Backup My Clio Docs
  27. Blackline Compare
  28. Move my Docs to Clio
  29. Time Tracker for Clio
  30. CODE for Clio
  31. HighLevel
  32. EffortlessIntake
  33. Lawmatics
  34. LEDESConvert
  35. Accounting Export for Clio
  36. BigLegal
  37. Allocate Legal
  38. AutoFile for Outlook
  39. Blushark Digital
  40. YourFirmApp
  41. Evichat
  42. Lawyaw
  43. Case Status
  44. PATLive
  45. Inventive IP
  46. Gideon
  47. Lawtap
  48. Repsight
  49. Rainmaker
  50. FlexxLegal
  51. Attornify
  52. Medilenz
  53. Lead Docket
  54. Birdeye
  56. WealthCounsel
  57. Klyant
  58. Time Tracker by eBillity
  59. Gmail plug-in
  60. Outlook add-in

That’s it for 2018! We hope you’ve had an incredible year, and wish you plenty of success in 2019.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Clio in the new year.

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