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The weather’s heating up, and so are our efforts to make your work-life run a little smoother this summer. From a VoIP integration to scale your firm’s communication needs, to fresh features for mobile, to updates for Clio’s Outlook Add-in, this month it’s all about helping you communicate more productively (no matter where you are). And—speaking of being productive from anywhere—the first ever virtual Clio Cloud Conference is coming up soon. Don’t forget to register and get your passes so you can join us, virtually, in October!

Clio Manage +  Dialpad Talk

Clio Manage’s VoIP integration with Dialpad Talk lets your firm leverage the benefits of a dedicated business phone line—without being tied down to a fixed landline. Cloud-based phone systems like Dialpad Talk empower your firm and its staff to work remotely, while allowing you to rapidly scale the communication needs of your practice.

Dialpad goes a step further by layering productivity tools and SMS functionality to their VoIP offering. Use Dialpad to capture billable and non-billable hours spent with clients—while also streamlining and keeping logs of communications. Here are some of the key benefits of Clio Manage’s Dialpad integration:   

  • Remote functionality. Use Clio and Dialpad on the go, from any device or location. 
  • Automated communication records. Clio Manage will automatically create communication records from phone calls made in either the Dialpad desktop or mobile application.
  • Leverage rich VoIP features. Dialpad makes it easier to capture the full picture of client interactions via stellar support, a self-porting option, real-time call transcription, and more.
  • Send text messages with Dialpad. Whether it’s a quick text to your client or a group chat with your staff, Dialpad’s business SMS has you covered.  
  • Detailed call analytics by Dialpad. Access real-time insights on call volumes and search by specific keyword mentions. 

Get Started with the Dialpad Talk App

Mobile updates: Zoom + Notifications

Now more than ever, you need to be able to work effectively, from anywhere. To make that easier, two of the Clio Manage web app’s recently released features are now available for mobile—so you can work smarter and stay on top of your practice from any device.

  1. Zoom: Video conferencing has quickly become key to meeting with clients or colleagues while remote, and it’s a big part of many lawyers’ work-days. With the Zoom integration now available on Clio’s mobile app, you can easily schedule and join Zoom video meetings from anywhere, right on your device. 

Learn more about how to use the Zoom integration on Clio’s mobile app.

  1. In-app notifications

In-app notifications were recently added to the Clio Manage web app, and now they’re available on mobile, too. By getting notifications via both the web app and on mobile, staying in the know is easier than ever. You’ll keep up-to-date with changes to your matters and you’ll get alerted when a document has been signed—empowering your firm to get the most from Clio Manage or the Clio Suite

Note: If you haven’t yet, be sure to update the Clio app to the latest version in order to access these notifications.

Learn more about in-app notifications for the Clio Manage web app.

Updated Outlook Add-in

Capture billable time, streamline your email process, and save emails and attachments to matters in Clio Manage from Microsoft Outlook with Clio’s updated Outlook Add-in. The Outlook Add-in helps reduce:

  • Missed billable hours and unfiled emails. Pin the Clio Outlook Add-in to make it front-and-center whenever you’re composing an email.
  • Wasted time (and clicks). Track time and file emails as you draft them with Clio’s Outlook Add-in now integrated into the compose workflow. For added ease of organization, matter folders are suggested based on the sender.
  • Searching through emails. Use the Outlook Add-in to make Clio your centralized system of record, so email attachments are linked to email records in Clio and easily accessible. Plus, emails saved to Clio can now be exported to PDF with a click, and original files (EML) preserved.

Learn more about Clio’s updated Outlook Add-in the Clio App Directory.

That’s all from Clio this month! Check back next month for more updates and enhancements, and don’t forget to register for your passes for the Clio Cloud Conference.

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