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The True Cost of Interruptions for Lawyers

How much does an interruption cost you? More than you think. Here’s a look at the cost of interruptions for lawyers, and how to reduce them.

Essential Accounting Practices for Law Firms

Accounting doesn't have to be a dirty word. From the Clio Cloud Conference stage, Amanda Aguillard, CPA and Xero Partner, broke down what lawyers need to know about accounting—nothing extra, just the basics.

One Lawyer’s Guide to a Better Law Firm Billing Process

Learn how Doug Bend set up a billing process for his firm, including how he weighed the costs and benefits of accepting credit cards.

What Lawyers Can Learn From Designers

Learn how to use design thinking to build a more meaningful life and legal career from #1 New York Times Best Selling authors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.

What 10 Legal Professionals Have Learned in 10 Years

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned over the course of your legal career? Members of Advocates, the official Clio community, share theirs.

7 Things You Need to Know About the Clio Cloud Conference

The Clio Cloud Conference is easily the largest and most popular conference in the legal technology sector. Here’s what else you need to know.

Clio This Month: 21 New Integrations

Clio turns 10 this month. We’ve been celebrating in a lot of different ways, one of which has been by adding a wealth of new integrations to our already expansive App Directory.

What Lawyers Need to Know About Ethics and Technology

Megan Zavieh shares her list of what lawyers need to know to make sure they’re adhering to ethics rules when it comes to legal tech.

12 Data-Driven Ways to Improve Your Legal Practice

Being data-driven doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Start with these 12 tips from Mary Juetten and Sam Glover to make your legal practice more efficient.

It’s Clio’s 10th Anniversary

It’s Clio’s 10th anniversary. We’re celebrating 10 years of transforming the practice of law, for good, thanks in large part to tremendous support from you.