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9 Security Tips for Mac-Using Attorneys

For modern law firms, data security is paramount—whether you use a Mac or a PC. Tom Lambotte shares his data security tips for Mac-using attorneys.

Clio This Month: The Power of the Platform

What’s in a platform? This month, we take a look at the Clio App Directory and our Launch//Code finalists.

8 Things Law Firm IT Professionals Love About the Cloud

If you’re a law firm IT professional, moving your law firm to the cloud provides big benefits for both your firm and your day-to-day. Here’s what to expect.

Keeping Calm: How Lawyers Can Successfully Navigate Slow Periods

All businesses, including law practices, have slow periods. Coaches Terry DeMeo and Allison Wolf share their tips on what to do when the phone stops ringing.

Client Intake: A Guide for Law Firms

The client intake process is an important step when opening a legal case. Here’s everything you need to know about creating an automated, online client intake process that leads to a more profitable firm and…

Clio This Month: All Your Payments in One Place

New at Clio this month, we’ve got a new Clio Payments tab we know you’ll be excited about. Read on for this and other updates.

How to Define Your Firm’s Vision and Values

Every law firm needs a clear vision and a shared set of values to succeed. Sam Glover explains how to create yours.

How to Implement Payment Plans at Your Law Firm

Using payment plans in your law firm can help you get paid more consistently. Here’s how to set them up the right way.

How to Open Your Law Firm’s Second Office

Rachel Parisi shares lessons learned when opening a second office for her law firm. Read on for tips to follow when opening yours.

7 Articles to Improve Your Law Firm This Summer

Whether you’re looking to improve your law firm’s billing practices, rethink your client intake, or buy a new scanner, this list of tips has something for you.