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A Guide to Evergreen Retainers for Law Firms

Evergreen retainers can be a boon for your finances—and for your clients’ finances. Here’s what you need to know about evergreen retainers for your law firm.

How to Track Productivity at a Mid-Sized Law Firm

Even if you’re not a numbers person, you need to track productivity at your law firm. Here’s how to keep your business running efficiently and profitably.

The Pre-Vacation Checklist for Lawyers

Taking a vacation? Follow this checklist to ensure your law firm keeps running smoothly, and that you return refreshed and recharged.

Clio This Month: Leveled-Up Features and New Partners

This month, we’ve made a lot of improvements to help your firm run more efficiently than ever, including how you view contacts in Clio, and to Clio’s Outlook Add-in for Office 365.

8 Legal Tech Tips for Law Office Administrators

Law office administrators have many responsibilities, including managing firm technology effectively. Here are eight tips to help law office administrators better manage law firm technology, shared by an ex-office administrator who now works for an…

How to Improve the Client Journey at Your Law Firm

What is the client journey and why should your law firm be paying attention to it? Joshua Kubicki explains.

A Guide to Using Client Portals at Your Law Firm

What is a client portal, and does your law firm need one? Find out about the key features of client portals, how to implement them successfully, and why they’re so important for lawyers.

6 Things Lawyers Need to Know About the New Gmail

There are a few recent Gmail updates that lawyers may just want to pay attention to. Here’s why.

Clio This Month: 9 Ways to Be More Productive With The New Clio Experience

Spring into action with the new Clio experience: This post is packed with tips to keep your law firm buzzing along.

How to Start a Law Firm on a Mac

Think you need to start your law firm on a PC? Think again. Starting a law firm on a Mac is easier than you think—Here, Tom Lambotte takes you through how to start your own…

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