Limited time offer

Stuck in a contract with the wrong legal software? Clio can help.

For a limited time, we’ll help cover the remaining cost of your contract — with a credit of up to 6 months free of Clio. Plus, attend a demonstration of Clio and get a $100 gift card!*

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Here’s how Clio helps you break free from your current software

  • Get up to 6 months off a Clio subscription

    Get a credit to offset the remaining cost of your current software contract— so you don’t pay for two systems at the same time.*

  • Get a free data migrations scoping call

    Receive a personalized recommendation on your data migration options from our skilled migrations experts.

  • Receive a $100 gift card for attending a demo

    Switching to Clio will be an upgrade in every sense. Attend a demonstration and we’ll give you a $100 gift card for your time.*

  • Here’s how the Break Free Program works

    1. Speak to a Clio Specialist to see if you qualify
    Fill out the form on this page to speak with a Clio specialist, and let them know the details of your current legal software plan.

    2. We’ll migrate your data for free
    A dedicated Migration Specialist will work with you to securely extract the data from your current software and transfer it to Clio.

    3. We’ll onboard you and your staff
    Whether you’re exploring a new feature, need a refresher, or want to troubleshoot an issue—our team is here to help 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.


    We committed to a multi-year contract. It didn’t make sense for us to look elsewhere until the expiration date was in sight. When Clio introduced this program though, it was hard not to consider it.

    David A. Goldberg

    Partner, Taylor & Blair LLP

The most common software that law firms break free from

  • Abacus/Amicus (now Caret)

    Abacus/Amicus customers break free from outdated and unreliable systems that experience regular system glitches and inefficiencies.

    Compare Clio and Abacus
  • PCLaw

    PCLaw customers break free from an outdated infrastructure, unreasonable price hikes, and dwindling product support.

    Compare Clio and PCLaw
  • LEAP

    LEAP customers break free from their 3-year contract while seeking a more reliable solution and a support team they can reach by phone.

    Compare Clio and LEAP
  • MyCase

    MyCase customers break free from software that doesn’t scale with their practice and takes too long to complete basic tasks like billing.

    Compare Clio and MyCase
  • Cosmolex

    Cosmolex customers break free from inefficient document management and an unintuitive interface.

    Compare Clio and Cosmolex
  • Smokeball

    Smokeball customers break free from a hybrid infrastructure that lacks a strong cloud component and connectivity with other key tools.

    Compare Clio and Smokeball

Don’t see your current software listed above? We migrate customers from dozens of vendors. Request a demo below, and our migrations experts can help you.

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Clio: The undisputed leader in legal practice management software

  • Onboard clients with ease

    Automate the entire intake process to save time, reduce costs, and get the retainer or engagement letter signed faster.

  • Manage everything in one place

    Organize case details in one place, access client data on the go, and securely manage your practice—from anywhere, anytime.

  • Bill and get paid for your work

    Track your time and bill clients in minutes, plus accept payment by credit, debit, and eCheck (ACH).

Got questions?

Who can take advantage of this offer?

Any law firm currently under contract with another legal practice management software provider, with more than 90 days remaining till the contract end date*.

What kind of discount is my firm eligible for?

Depending on the remaining value of your contract and the plan you choose at Clio, your firm can be eligible for a discount of up to 6 months worth of free Clio.

When does this offer end?

Eligible firms must purchase an annual subscription of our Essentials, Advanced, or Complete plans by December 31, 2024. Learn more about our flexible plans.

How does Clio help my firm switch?

Whether you’re transitioning from a server-based system or another cloud-based solution, Clio’s team of migration specialists and onboarding experts are dedicated to transferring your data and training your staff—at no additional cost.

If you need additional migration assistance, Clio has a network of certified legal technology consultants to help ease the transition to Clio.

What if I have less than 90 days left on my contract?

If the end date of your current contract is less than 90 days away, you won’t qualify for this offer. But it’s the perfect opportunity for you to start planning migration and onboarding, and time the transition with your contract end-date! We encourage you to speak to a Clio Specialist to discuss your needs.

How do I qualify for the $100 gift card?

Fill out the form on this page to request a demo. Our team will contact you to understand your needs and find a time to give you a demo. If you attend a 60 minute demo and have an eligible software that you’re breaking free from, you are eligible to receive the $100 gift card*.

Switch now. It’s easier than you think.

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One-time discount

*Limited time offer. Offer is only valid for new Subscribers to Clio Services. New Subscribers are those Subscribers, who at the time of taking advantage of the offer, do not already have an active subscription to a Clio product or service. New Subscribers must purchase an annual subscription to Clio Manage at Essentials, Advanced, or Complete level by December 31, 2024. New Subscribers may be required to submit proof of an existing contract with a current Legal Practice Management Software Provider, and must have at least 3 months remaining at the time of this offer. Eligible purchases will receive a one-time discount, whose value will vary between the equivalent of 30 days to 180 days worth of Clio Services. This one-time discount will be based on the remaining value of your existing contract with your current Legal Practice Management Software Provider at the time you contact Clio about the offer. Purchases made prior to speaking with a Clio sales representative shall not be eligible for this discount. This discount may not be combined with any other offer, except existing member benefit discounts. All Clio Services will still be subject to the terms of service located at

$100 gift card

*Limited time and limited availability offer. A $100 gift card is only valid for the first 100 new Subscribers, who at the time of taking advantage of the offer, do not already have an active subscription to a Clio product or service. The digital $100 gift card will be delivered via email within 10 business days following the attendance to a scheduled software demonstration. The scheduled software demonstration is expected to last 60 minutes. Only one gift card may be awarded per firm. If there are multiple attendees, only one attendee from that firm is eligible for a Gift card. Gift cards will be provided in the currency of the jurisdiction in which the attendee resides ($100 USD or $100 CAD). No substitutions or division of the gift card or change in recipients will be done by Clio. To take advantage of this offer, a demonstration must be scheduled to occur before December 31, 2024 and attendees must be within the first 100 to attend to get the $100 gift card. Only demonstrations booked with a Clio sales representative through the website landing page linked in this communication will be eligible for this offer. This offer may not be combined with any other offer except existing member benefit discounts and the one-time Break Free discount offered in this communication. Clio is not responsible for gift cards lost or unclaimed due to technology errors. All Clio Services will be subject to the terms of service located at