How to Automate Your Law Firm

According to the 2020 Legal Trends Report, the average lawyer dedicates only 2.5 hours to billable work per day—which means that attorneys and staff lose considerable time on tedious, non-billable tasks. Fortunately—as this on-demand series will walk you through—technology can take care of some of these time-consuming processes, so you have more hours and energy to focus on billable client work.

The series opens with a foundational session to show you how to scope and plan a document automation project, and what to prioritize. The following meetups focus on the how-tos of implementing specific automated functions and technologies at your firm—as well as how to level up and optimize your current systems and processes.

On-demand sessions:

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On-demand sessions

How to Plan for an Automation Project

This session will help you identify which components of your firm automation plan you should focus on first—because proper scoping and planning for an automation project are crucial to its success.

  • Rio Peterson

    Affinity Partnerships Manager at Clio

  • dorna moini
    Dorna Moini

    CEO of Documate

  • Blaine Korte

    CEO of Fidu Legal

How to Automate Client Intake Workflows

Learn how to optimize your intake process to create a better client experience and so that no communication or billable opportunity gets missed.

  • Michael Chasin

    Advisor to Clio

  • Melanie Leonard 

    Founder of

  • Erin Callahan 

    Attorney at The Law Office of Erin C. Callahan

How to Automate the Court Filing Process

Are you looking for a more sustainable and convenient solution for filing your court documents? Register to learn how to file and serve court documents more efficiently with e-filing. This session is sponsored by InfoTrack.

  • Alex Braun

    Marketing Manager at InfoTrack

  • Jill Orr

    Director of Operations at Thompson Salinas Londergan LLP

  • Christy Granieri

    Founding Partner of Freeburg & Granieri, APC

How to Use Automated Data to Grow Your Firm

Using automated data reports, you can streamline your firm’s data and metrics to get back that lost time, gain more clients, and make more strategic decisions. Learn insights into key data reporting topics in this upcoming meetup.

  • photo of Joshua
    Joshua Lenon

    Lawyer in Residence at Clio

  • Peggy Gruenke

    Co-Founder of CPN Legal

  •  Sachin Bakhai

     CEO of LawKPIs

How to Build a Robust Document Automation System

Automation can be a powerful tool for saving time and reducing errors when it comes to how law firms create and deal with documents. Register for this meetup to learn the critical components needed to set up seamless document automation workflows.

  • Rio Peterson

    Affinity Partnerships Manager at Clio

  • dorna moini
    Dorna Moini

    CEO of Documate

  • Blaine Korte

    CEO of Fidu Legal

  • Tucker Cottingham

    Tucker Cottingham

    Esq. Co-founder, CEO of Lawyaw

How to Win and Retain Clients by Automating Communication

Learn how automating key components of your communication strategy can save you time and money, help generate leads 24/7, and provide an overall better client-centered experience.

Thursday, October 14, at 11 a.m. PDT | 2 p.m. EDT

  • Nefra MacDonald

    Affinity Partnerships Manager at Clio

  • Tim Bedford

    Partner Development Manager at Ruby

  • Tom Martin

    CEO of LawDroid

  • Rebecca Flanagan

    Rebecca Flanagan

    Owner of Flanagan Legal Services LLC