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Spring is here, which means it’s time for fresh starts and fresher ideas. We’ve been working on plenty of new ways for you and your firm to really blossom. First, Clio’s new mobile app is now in beta, and you can be one of the first to get access to this new interface before it’s released later this year.

Another new open beta feature—our Client Satisfaction Pilot Program—lets you collect more client feedback for better client relationships. Finally, we’ll also show you how you can use the Clio Grow Lead Inbox to automatically capture key information for every potential new client.

Keep reading to learn more about these opportunities to help your firm grow!

Clio’s new mobile app is in beta—with a new calendar feature

If you use Clio Manage, you can now sign up to get first access to a newly redesigned mobile app via our mobile beta.

With the newly redesigned Clio mobile app, Android and iOS users can experience a mobile app that will help you be even more productive when you’re on the go.

What’s new
  • Viewing tasks on the Calendar—and being able to mark them as complete
  • Seeing statute of limitations dates on the Calendar
  • Usability enhancements for iPad users
The mobile beta also lets you:
  • View your agenda on the Calendar, browse to other dates, and see shared calendars
  • Review, add, and update time & expense entries
  • Use the Clio timekeeper to record time entries on the go

When you sign up for the mobile beta, you’ll get early access to the new Mobile features and performance enhancements. You’ll also be among the first to try the new interface to the app before it’s released later this year.

Ready to try it out? Sign up for our new mobile app beta here.

Clio’s Client Satisfaction Pilot Program in beta

Clio Client Satisfaction Program Form

Be honest: Do you really know how well you and your firm are performing for your clients?

Collecting feedback is an often overlooked part of the client-relationship experience—according to the 2018 Legal trends Report, 37% of customers surveyed don’t regularly collect feedback from customers, while 42% collect feedback only casually. But, neglecting client feedback can be a big mistake.

BTI research shows law firms that invest in client relationships see serious returns. Specifically, they reap 30% higher profits, double the fees from a single client, and 35% higher client retention rates.

Clio’s Client Satisfaction Pilot Program helps you easily collect, review, and monitor client feedback so you can offer better legal service to your clients. Sign up for Clio’s Client Satisfaction Pilot Program, now in beta, and you can use Clio to collect more—and more consistent—client feedback. This lets you benefit from negative feedback, close feedback loops, and make more informed decisions.

Also, the Client Satisfaction Pilot Program helps you track your success with client satisfaction using a widely-recognized metric, Net Promoter Score (NPS®), so you can get data-driven insights into whether clients would recommend your services.

Note: The Client Satisfaction Pilot Program feature available to North American users only. You must be an account administrator to enable and use the feature.

Manage your potential clients with the Clio Grow Lead Inbox

Clio Grow Screenshot

You want to capture every potential client (“lead” in marketing lingo) and prospective opportunity, but when you’re managing these leads manually, new business can easily slip through the cracks.

The Clio Grow Lead Inbox offers a central location in Clio Grow where you can sync new leads and potential clients from your WordPress website, chat bot, virtual receptionist and more. It captures lead information automatically, so there’s no risk of the error that comes with manual entry.

With the Lead Inbox, you also have the opportunity to assess whether a client is a fit for your law firm, so you can take the next steps quickly and efficiently—whether you want to prioritize a lead as a potential new client, or refer a lead to someone better suited to their need.

With the Clio Grow Lead Inbox, you can better manage and convert potential clients into new business, because:

  • You’ll capture interest, and information—without the manual work. Use the power of multiple marketing channels as you capture information (via an intake form) and sync information directly and securely (to Clio Grow). Bonus? If you choose to convert a lead to a client, this data syncs from your client intake software to Clio Manage—removing duplicate data entry.
  • You know your best clients, and your business. By clearing your potential backlog of time-consuming and unsuitable leads as early in their intake process as possible, you’ll save time—so you can focus on those that are the best fit for your firm.
  • You can focus on the channels that convert best. Over time, you’ll discover your most valuable sources of business, whether that’s your website, a state bar listing, or a colleague who often refers business your way. You can then use this information to make better decisions about where to spend your time and budget for marketing and business development, so that you can find the right clients more efficiently.

That’s it for March! Stay tuned next month for more updates (and new ideas to help your law firm grow even more)!

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