The Mobile Revolution: What Law Firms Need to Know

A healthy work-life balance is becoming less about separation and more about integration. Having remote access and flexible hours can help us get more done in a day, while also keeping more of our personal commitments.

Work from anywhere

Studies show 75 percent of lawyers work out of office on a regular basis. If that includes you, the question is, are you doing it securely and efficiently?

With a seamless mobile practice management system, you can literally work from anywhere. But, it’s important to know what tools are available, and how to set yourself up with the most efficient—and secure—mobile environment possible. In this white paper, we look at how to seamlessly integrate your in-office and out-of-office workflows.

  • Communicate better across all channels
  • Master task and calendar organization
  • Organize and track meticulous firm data
  • Write and edit precise documents
  • Track every minute of billable time
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