Financial Health for Your Firm

About the series:

This February, while financial planning is top of mind with tax season approaching, Clio is offering a free meetup series that will be focused on improving financial health for law firms. Over four sessions, a panel of lawyers and legal consultants will cover topics pertinent to your firm’s efficiencies and bottom line, including automating billing and invoicing tasks, optimizing payments, and strategic budgeting. Also, during each meetup we will be raffling off one free session with a legal consultant, for an opportunity to explore your financial needs further.

Join us every Thursday in February to learn how to improve your firm’s processes and profitability! 

Note: This series is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute legal, business, or accounting advice.

  • Selecting the Best Billing Arrangements for Your Firm

     Join Mayur Gadhia, Founder of CloudAct, and Kimberly Y. Bennett, Founder of K Bennett Law LLC, to learn how different forms of billing arrangements result in satisfied clients and healthy law firm cash flow. Throughout the session, we’ll explore how to properly value your legal services, and we’ll help you uncover what alternative billing arrangements will help you better meet the needs of your clients. Kim Bennett will also discuss how she has collaborated with her legal coaching community and clients to come up with creative alternative fee structures. 

  • Nefra MacDonald

    Affinity Partnerships Manager at Clio

    Mayur Gadhia

    Founder of CloudAct

    Kim Bennett

    Founder of K Bennett Law LLC

  • Optimizing Your Law Firm Collections

    Learn how your firm can succeed by utilizing modern and flexible payment solutions in this meetup with Angie Purves, Owner of Advantage Virtual Services, and Jordan Turk, Legal Content and Compliance Manager at LawPay. The panelists will talk about how to offer a variety of payment options, such as payment plans and online credit card payments, while outlining the benefits for both your firm and your clients. Make sure to attend this meetup to improve your collections and future-proof your firm. 

  • Amir Golbazi

    Product Marketing Manager at Clio

    Angie Purves

    Owner of Advantage Virtual Services

    Jordan Turk

    Legal Content and Compliance Manager at LawPay

  • Automating Your Billing and Invoicing Processes

    In this session, learn how automation tools can improve billing and invoicing productivity, achieving a smoother experience for both law firms and clients. Peggy Gruenke, Co-Founder of CPN Legal, will discuss how to make monthly billing less painful by reducing redundancies and simplifying tasks like time tracking, invoice creation, and invoice reminders. Peggy will also walk the audience through an automation workflow and will answer any questions you may have.

  • Rio Peterson

    Affinity Partnerships Manager at Clio

    Peggy Gruenke

    Co-Founder of CPN Legal

  • Building a Better Budget for Your Law Firm

    February 25, at 11 a.m. PST / 2 p.m. EST

    Join Clio’s Lawyer in Residence, Joshua Lenon, and Mark Khazanovich, Director of Operations at KORE Accounting Solutions, for advice on how to build a smarter and more strategic budget for your firm. The panelists will start with why it’s important to create a budget, and cover the steps necessary to accurately forecast your budget. They will also focus on often overlooked budget considerations—like software and training—that are essential to running a successful law firm in today’s innovative and virtual legal landscape.

  • Joshua Lenon
    Joshua Lenon

    Lawyer in Residence at Clio

    Mark Khazanovich

    Director of Operations at KORE Accounting Solutions