Put matter management at the center of your practice.

Get to the heart of your case.

Clio organizes all of your information by matter. See all the crucial information for each case organized for easy access. Each matter collects the contacts, meetings, tasks, expenses, notes, and documents specific to that case. Never hunt for information related to your matters again; one click will show you all the important details.

Customize your matters with custom fields.

No two cases are ever truly alike. That’s why Clio lets you add custom fields to every matter. Clio matters will reflect your practice, showing the information important to your firm. Use different custom fields in different matters? Clio’s custom fields can be organized into sets to easily track the information you need by practice area.

Know everything happening in your case.

Clio’s Firm Feed tracks all the changes that happen in a matter. This detailed listing informs you who touched your matter and when they did so. From new documents to time entries, if someone works in your matter, it is captured in Firm Feed. Keeping an eye on your case has never been easier.

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