35 New Integration Partners Join Thriving Clio App Ecosystem

The recent additions bring the total number of integration partners to almost 200, further establishing Clio’s App Directory as the largest ecosystem for legal technology. 

San Diego, CA—Clio, the leader in cloud-based legal technology, announced 35 new app integrations designed to help lawyers succeed by helping them be more productive, deliver better client experiences, and grow their firms. This brings Clio’s App Directory to include almost 200 unique integrations, further establishing its ability to serve the legal community as the largest legal technology ecosystem on the market. 

“We see ourselves as building the operating system for the legal industry,” said Jack Newton, CEO and Co-founder of Clio. “Much like you can customize your smartphone with a number of products and services that work together, Clio provides a platform to integrate all of the legal technologies that help law firms improve their client services and firm productivity.”

The new integrations include: 

  • AppearMe. Hire appearance attorneys specializing in a variety of practice areas and cases in less than a minute. 
  • AutoRequest. Complete the medical record and bill request process in a few simple steps.
  • Auto Recovery Cost. Import information stored in cost recovery software like PCS Director, Print Audit, and Equitrac directly into Clio automatically.
  • Business Health Scorecard. Get an information-rich snapshot of key performance indicators to better understand how to become more profitable.
  • Casetext. Use a brief or complaint from one of your matters in Clio to find highly relevant, tailored search results using Casetext’s CARA A.I. technology.
  • Contract Workbench by Lawgood. Draft contracts and customize clause language using crowdsourced market positions in just minutes. 
  • Community.lawyer. Build custom client intakes and document automations and securely send data to and from Clio into documents, emails, and more.
  • Corvum. Autodial your clients right from your Contacts page in Clio Manage and easily take notes and associate the call with a matter when the call ends. 
  • Edex Mail. Upload any document to be mailed via USPS and receive Proof of Service for no additional cost—includes simple, online sign-up and per transaction charges. 
  • ElderDocx. Draft customized plans for clients quickly, easily, and accurately via ElderCounsel’s signature document-drafting system: ElderDocx.
  • Expedite.legal. Find and schedule last-minute litigation support services⁠—day or night⁠—by capitalizing on the team available in your immediate vicinity.
  • EZAutomate. Autogenerate documents, auto-email customers, and connect to state-specific eFiling systems.
  • Fastcase BK. Fill and file bankruptcy forms using Fastcase BK and save documents to the appropriate matters in Clio, all while tracking your time. 
  • Faster Time. Track all your activity and automatically correlate it back to the appropriate client and matter.
  • firmTRAK. Produce easy-to-use dashboards with user-defined variables and optimized data to better manage KPIs vital to firm growth. 
  • Fidu Legal. Create, sign, and store standardized documents and agreements using this client-facing information portal you can brand with your firm’s logo.
  • Firmbook. Create new client entries, time and billing entries, and new invoices in Clio and Lawpay each time you schedule a new client. 
  • FirmFeedback. Send NPS® surveys and request feedback with one click after closing every matter.
  • Founded. Automate legal tasks like incorporating, ongoing company compliance, government filings, legal agreements, and more.
  • Koalaform. Turn PDF forms into simple online questionnaires that you can share with clients. Answers are automatically populated into the PDF forms and saved for future use. 
  • InfraWare Dictation. Dictate your work and have it seamlessly transcribed and synced to Clio. 
  • Jive. See caller information for both inbound and outbound calls and automatically log the phone calls as billable activities against matters using VoIP technology.
  • LexBlog. Reach over 20,000 legal-minded professionals by blogging on a WordPress-based solution optimized for lawyers passionate about legal insights and commentary.
  • MagicTime. Capture every billable minute accurately and automatically using AI to file timesheet in just a few clicks.
  • Nextiva. Call clients from your desktop or mobile app and sync those calls to Clio with Nextiva’s business VoIP service. 
  • Privilege.law. Communicate with mobile-first clients through this secure iPhone/Android app and never hand out your cell phone number again. 
  • PwC InsightsOfficer. Integrate your financial and practice management software to unlock automated bookkeeping and accounting insights.
  • Ross Intelligence. Use AI to complete legal research easily and quickly.  
  • Scrive. E-Sign and manage your documents from anywhere, on any device. 
  • Sonar. Identify individuals seeking legal services immediately through an automated search of thousands of records and reports from multiple online and offline public and private data sources.
  • Tracers. Find persons of interest, locate witnesses, and uncover evidence restricted in public searches using Tracers’s bank of public records and investigative data that span over 23 years. 
  • TrialLine. Create, filter, and share visual timelines of your cases for use in strategy sessions, mediation, or courtroom presentations. 
  • WebMerge. Upload, merge, and deliver smart documents using data from your matters and contacts in Clio.
  • WiseTime. Capture your activity and collate it in a private timeline that can be reviewed and synced to a matter in Clio with no manual tracking or start-stop timers.  
  • Xerox Connect for Clio. Digitize hard-copy case files and other legal documents and browse and print files from your Clio account. 
  • ZorroSign. Complete eSign documents, build workflows, request signatures, and automate approval processes using patented technology that’s highly secure, legally binding, and fully compliant.

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Clio, the leader in cloud-based legal technology, empowers lawyers to be both client-centered and firm focused through a suite of cloud-based solutions, including legal practice management, client intake and legal CRM software. Clio has been transforming the industry for over a decade with 150,000 customers spanning 90 countries, and the approval of over 65 bar associations and law societies globally. Clio continues to lead the industry with initiatives like the Legal Trends Report, the Clio Cloud Conference, and the Clio Academic Access Program. Clio has been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, a Deloitte Fast 50 and Fast 500 company. Learn more at clio.com.

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